Alaskan Moments

From a sojourner’s heartsong.

A Sojourner's Heartsong

Yesterday, I was asked several times about our recent trip to Alaska. Of course, I was delighted to answer these questions.

One inquisitor asked, “What’s the best thing about going there?”

I hesitated, then responded, “There are so many different “bests” all rolled into one trip. It is very hard to boil it down to just one thing.”

Now that I’ve had some time to think about it, I would have to say the answer to that question is summed up in the word: MOMENTS.

Like the one pictured below. We were waiting on a transfer to our next destination in the lobby of the Seward Windsong Lodge ( This was one of those moments.

One of many moments.

The best thing about this moment is, well, the best thing about all the other moments like it during our recent land-cruise to Alaska: A picture really does speak a thousand…

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The promise is for all

A Sojourner's Heartsong

Here I sit enjoying a few minutes of reflection on the patio following a brief afternoon nap.

A gentle breeze is blowing from the south. Steady, but light, rain drums a peaceful cadence, with gutters singing along. Their song has never been heard before; it will never be heard again. Click here to watch the video on YouTube

A fresh cup of coffee fills my favorite cup, but not for long. Birds are frolicking overhead like school children on the playground.

Two dragonflies go zooming by. The swings seem to wish for children to make them fly. 

These are moments of pure peace. Sacred moments, they are.

Moments that make my heart rejoice in knowing that if I draw near to God, He will draw near to me. And, the promise is for all.

Yes! The promise is for all!

© Bill Williams, a fellow sojourner

Permission granted to…

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Another beautiful new day

A Sojourner's Heartsong

A beautiful day in the neighborhood is underway.

We have 74 pleasant degrees on the back patio. A steady breeze animates the wind chime hanging under the eave. The sun is shining bright in the eastern sky. Clouds, full of promise for afternoon showers, are rapidly moving in from the southwest.

Birds are singing. I especially enjoy the delicate tweets of the finches in the oak tree to the north.

The neighbors to the south seem to have forgotten their dog. She is at their back door declaring her displeasure over having been left outside for far too long now.

I hear the faint sounds of a freight train rumbling southward in the distance. It is time for a fresh cup of coffee.

Enjoy the day, everyone!

Remember to give thanks and praise to the One from whom every blessing flows.

© Bill Williams, a fellow sojourner


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Do you want to change your life?

A Sojourner's Heartsong

89379777-8F43-47F7-94B7-2CC8FADB92C0Do you want to change your life?

The wind is howling outside. That may be a bit of an overstatement. It is windy. It has been windy for a couple of days; but, this is Oklahoma in late August. One thing is certain: We will have wind. 

I am not a big fan of wind. My seasonal allergies are always much worse when we have winds that last for several days. For me, wind is always accompanied by a headache. I’ve read lots of reasons why this is the case, some even sound plausible. 

As far as problems go, wind seems like such a small thing. In fact, if I were to pause long enough to really think about it, I am sure there are many positive things about wind. If I were to think about these for any time at all, I am sure my attitude toward…

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Another Monday Morning

A Sojourner's Heartsong


So, another new week begins. The weekend was too short. Monday arrived too soon. For some, the things to do list you made last night haunted you all through the night — hopefully, it didn’t. 

Some who read this are eager for the new week to get under way. Others shudder at the thought of the ever-expanding list of essential tasks that keeps piling up. 

It is Monday morning. Bleary-eyed people all over the world are making themselves ready for what lies ahead by downing their first cup of coffee. Others are thinking they need a gallon of coffee just to think about tackling a new day.

Another Monday morning is upon us and we have to go to work! Or, do we? Think about that statement for just a moment. Now, I am not one of those people who think you can change something just be reframing…

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Three suggestions for maintaining healthy work-life balance

A Sojourner's Heartsong


For many people maintaining a healthy work-life balance is a major challenge. One of the primary difficulties in regard seems to be establishing sensible boundaries, which preserve and protect the various, essential parts of our lives.

In a quest to better understand how people address this challenge, I asked some friends for their input. I asked these questions:

  1. Do you find it challenging to maintain healthy work-life balance?
  2. What do you do to maintain healthy work-life balance in your life?
  3. How do you establish sensible boundaries, which preserve and protect the various, essential parts of your life?

I appreciate each one who took the time to respond. These were both interesting and varied. However, there were several common threads, which I will summarize in the “take aways” below.

Chrisanne Mortensen replied as follows:

1) YES!

2) Pray for God to give me enough time in the day. I was once…

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What do you do when you visit Seattle?

A Sojourner's Heartsong

What do you do when you visit Seattle, Washington?


I wouldn’t want anyone to think I hold myself out as an expert on this topic. However, we have visited a couple of times and found some interesting and entertaining things to do. Actually, our visits have been brief, being tacked on either prior to or just after cruises taken out of Seattle.

My plan is to write about several of the things we have done in greater detail. In this edition of the “Travel Talk,” I will quickly touch on a few things.

In the photo which follows, you can see that we learned how many Seattle street workers it takes to fill a pot hole. Lots! 😉


The first big stop we made was at Pike Place Market. 


If you travel to Seattle, you definitely want to make this one of your stopping points. 

You will be…

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