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A Sojourner's Heartsong


Many, many moons ago, I was both humbled and blessed by being present for a momentous occasion. You see, a small group of ministers was gathered at Silver Maple Camp, which is south of Kingman, Kansas, for the annual Kansas Ministry Retreat. 

The day, as I recall, was much like most days at this retreat. We enjoyed our usual study times, praise and prayer times, fellowship with one another at meals, and, I kid you not, smash mouth volleyball.

I am not sure who directed the retreat this year. It may have been Brian Cobb. What I do recall, however, is that Brian did an excellent job leading us into the heart of God through the songs he selected for our times of devotion and praise. We were having a spiritually enriching and encouraging time.

The momentous occasion happened late one evening, probably on the second night. It was…

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