A peaceful evening

A Sojourner's Heartsong

The sun has not yet slipped beyond the western horizon, so the front patio is just too sunny and bright. Here on the back patio I am enjoying my home brewed americano.

I am grateful for another peaceful evening.

Swallows swoop by in a flash.

A lone black bird ambles by in the sky.

A pair of scissor tails playfully flirt with one another in the upper branches of our neighbors’ tree.

A crow caws in the distance.

Finches flutter from branch-to-branch and chatter up a storm.

A dove loops her way around the backyard and then whistles her way overhead.

A bird, whose song I cannot yet identify, sings loudly and repeatedly, as if to say, “Do you have it now? No? Okay. Listen carefully.”

Above it all. Silent. Strong. The beautifully bright and nearly full moon makes a delightful companion.

For eons of time that stoic old man…

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