The 2008 Dodge Challenger

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Counting the minutes to the arrival of the the 2008 Dodge Challenger! Click on the car below to check the current status:


Dodge Challenger Photo Gallery

Dodge Challenger News

challenger-pic.jpgHere’s a Challenger that closely resembles the one-owner Challenger I purchased for $1,600 in 1977. Although I thought it was a good deal at the time, I now regret trading it in on a new Monte Carlo a couple of years later.

12 Responses to The 2008 Dodge Challenger

  1. Mike says:

    Had a few good memories and dents in it!

  2. mike says:

    Keep it off of wet streets!

  3. mp3 says:

    Hello, nice post. Bookmark it.

  4. K McDowell says:

    That’s a beautiful Challenger on your website. Ever since my dd had a ’66 Pontiac Boneville I’ve always loved old American cars – especially Mopar or General Motors. I love the gritty “bad boy” look of the ’70/’71 Challenger and would love to own one myself (or a Hemi Cuda). But there are so many great muscle-wagons out there… my cousin has a ’70 Firbird Formula 400 which he bought with less than 5000 miles on the clock and to this day he’s kept it in beautiful condition. No telling what it’s worth now.

    Will you get a Challenger again?

  5. vladutz says:

    probably the best smc ever ! if its a hemi its the ultimate ! most of us can only dream of it

  6. Somebody says:

    Looks great car!

  7. Eugene W. Riggs says:

    Yes, I have a 1970 Challenger when they just came out but I could only afford a 318, I was 24 and just married and had a baby. I wish I could have gottena Hemi Cuda but they were $4,500 and I already thought I was spending an arm and a let. I was just happy to a a cool new car.

    This Year or next if I can pull it off due to the Michigan economy being in the Tank, I want a used Viper and a New Hemi R/T Challanger. The new one is suppose to have an old version of the real Hemi wedge head with 425 HP.


  8. Luc says:

    My father in law rebuild one in the 80s. I never saw it but people are still talking about it. He had to sell it because the police was always after him, although he’s not the type to do speed. Jealousy I guess? My dream is to have one rebuild similar to his or buy the new Challenger in 3 years for my wife. I booked mark your image as an inspiration. Thanks.

  9. jimmybadazz says:

    one day, just as simple as that

  10. dan says:

    I just bought the new challenger 5.7 RT and love it recomend to buy it if you can.

  11. Hello, great post. I stumbled upon this blog, but I will definitely come here again. Keep us updated.

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