When is a tree no longer a tree?

A Sojourner's Heartsong

What do you think? When is a tree no longer a tree?

You can probably conceive of many answers to this question. Perhaps, a tree is no longer a tree when:

  • it is firewood? 
  • it is a table?

Yes, I can see how those answers make sense.

I have something a little different in my mind. You see, a couple of months ago we had an early morning storm blow through our neighborhood. It was intense. The winds were howling. The rain sounded like a thousand drummers beating on our bedroom windows. You can imagine the thunder and lightning accompanying such a storm, I am sure.

Well, at first light I went out to survey the damage in our backyard. Lots of things were rearranged on the patio; but, everything appeared to be in good condition. 

Then I noticed the damage.


The tree closest to our house…

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