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imageHidden Entrances

Living in Delaware for almost a decade afforded the opportunity to be introduced to many new things. One is the ubiquitous “Hidden Entrance” caution sign. There were no such signs on the dusty roads of my youth. Of course, there were very few hills, trees or winding roads to navigate. Thus, no hidden entrances, except in the prairie dog towns, that is.

These warning signs are to be taken seriously. If not, motorists can expect unwelcome surprises. When approaching one of these hidden entrances, I’ve discovered two types of drivers to watch out for. First, there is “Timid Trina.” She noses her minivan into the intersection just far enough to force you to stop or swerve around her. My advice: For obvious reasons, never swerve! “Rocket Randy” is the second kind of driver for whom we should be on the alert. He races to the corner; pauses briefly…

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