The Miracle of Christmas

The thoughts which follow are the heart-song of a dear brother in Christ who blesses many with a morning email he calls “Daily Christian Wisdom.” He gave me his permission to share this message which I found waiting in my inbox this morning. Enjoy…

One more week!! The list is not done – time very near – the days are very busy and the afternoons are packed with things to do.

I sit back to evaluate why I am not done? Why is it that I set out to get Christmas shopping out of the way by December 3rd and there is now one week left and I am not there yet!

Could it be because I have had people come help me fix my water problems at home? Could it be because I have been with my Church expressing my love and appreciation for the gift of Christmas? Could it be the time in activities that I have spent with the wonderful Youth? Could it be the time spent with my family cooking the traditional Christmas meal of my native land? Could it be because I’ve had to prepare for the lessons to teach on Wednesday nights? Could it be because we have planned the celebrations for the birth of one of my daughters and enjoyed the meals others have provided? Could it be because I have spent time with my wife and my children and their friends and ours?

It occurs to me, now, that I am already enjoying THE MIRACLE OF CHRISTMAS!!
The God of the heavens has blessed me so much that I have no time for anything but to be surrounded with love, laughter, sharing, comfort and blessings and since He knows I cannot take it all in a single day, he has extended my holidays indefinitely.

Today I am going to visit a baby born Sunday morning to a beautiful family and this will bring me even more joy. In one week I will celebrate the birth of another baby, sent by God to turn a merciless world into blessings, into inspirations, into songs, into joy, into peace, into love, into hope, such is the beautiful world He has surrounded me with.

Thank you Jesus,
[Gabriel Garcia]

About a fellow sojourner

a sojourner in life, trying to follow in the steps of Jesus.
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