Maxine Bullard Passes

Maxine Bullard, 59, Kansas City, Mo., passed away on Thursday, November 29, 2007, at her home following an extended battle with cancer. She was born to Raymond and Ruby MacKay on March 17, 1948. She is survived by her children, Christopher and Parker Bullard and Jennifer Dennis; two grandchildren, Vaughn and Liam Dennis; daughter-in-law, Mali Bullard; and son-in-law, Paul Dennis. Also by her sisters, Kathy Ward of Moore, Okla., Linda MacKay of Douglas, Kan., Mary Hackler of Overland Park, Kan., Lois McClure of Cedar Vale, Kan., Karen Carter of Topeka, Kan., and Margaret VanDorien of Wichita, Kan.; as well as by her mother.

Following her graduation from Harding University in 1970 with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, she was married to Chris R. Bullard for 36 years until his untimely death on Sept. 14, 2006. In addition to being married to and fondly supporting a nationally well known and well loved minister, Maxine conducted her own unique personal ministry of touching lives in deep and meaningful ways. Like her husband, she had a passion for sharing her belief in God with others and never passed up an opportunity to do so.

Maxine was an active, dynamic and humble leader in several venues. First of all in her family as a wife, mother, and grandmother. Secondly as a friend and encourager to literally thousands of people, especially among the women of the churches in which her husband served, but also as an active board member of the Christian Youth Theater in the Northland. In addition, she was a Mary Kay director with a mission not only to represent that company well but also to minister unselfishly to the emotional and spiritual needs of those with whom she worked and served.

Even during her final months of failing health, she warmed and inspired all who came to see her with her faith, her love, and her cheerfulness. She will be greatly missed. Funeral services will be 3 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 2, at Harmony Vineyard Church, 600 NE. 46th, KCMO. Visitation is from 6 to 8 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 1, at the Overland Park Church of Christ, 119th and Pflumm. Burial in White Chapel Memorial Gardens, Gladstone, Mo. In lieu of flowers please make donations to the World of Jesus Institute or purchase materials of Chris Bullard on the following website: All funds will go to the family. Arr.: D.W. Newcomer’s Sons Overland Park Chapel, 8201 Metcalf, Overland Park, KS 66204 (913) 648-6224.

Online condolences for the family may be left at

Published in the Kansas City Star on 12/1/2007.

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2 Responses to Maxine Bullard Passes

  1. Mischa Alyea says:

    This is for Maxine, because I too believe she can see
    all that goes on down here.

    The Grace of God is symbolized in many ways. One of the
    most popular is water. When we pray, we are like a
    flowing stream. The goodness of God flows freely into us
    and we are able to pour it out in prayer and encouragement
    for ourselves and others.

    However, there are times when prayer just does not come.
    It is at this time that the water seems blocked. It is not gone,
    it pools into a calm lake close to its source. We think
    nothing is happening, because we cannot feel the water
    moving. This lake gives life to all those around it, like a
    stream does, yet we cannot feel it move. Just the presence
    of the water, quietly nourishes all that surrounds it.
    It is an oasis of peace and restoration for travelers,
    animals, and plants alike, if we understand. If we question
    God and worry that we have been forsaken, then it takes
    all the longer for the water to grow.

    It is at this time that we must turn ourselves to contemplation
    instead of prayer. We need to Be Still and Know God in
    order to fill ourselves, instead of pouring out the blessing
    God is trying to create within us. This will raise the water
    so that it can flow over the spillway. Then the flow of
    prayer is restored. This has happened in the Bible many
    times. Moses needed Aaron, John the Baptist’s father, and
    the Apostle Paul are the few that come to mind. I’m sure
    there are many more.

    So when you feel dammed and prayer will not flow, know
    that God is creating reservoir of Peace that will feed
    your stream of prayer with a never ending abundance of
    Love. All you have to do is “Let Go, and Let God.”

    May this be a blessing to Maxine and all who read it.
    Mischa Alyea
    My son Greg and Parker are best of friends.

    [May God bless you and Greg, Mischa.]

  2. Ian says:

    I knew the Bullards briefly when I was growing up (high school, mostly) in Kansas. I was as unsaved as the unsaved could be. Maxine was always VERY direct with me… as I was dating (or trying to date) her daughter at the time.

    It al seems so surreal in hindsight. Perhaps He was using Chris and Maxine to change my forever back then. I did not accept Christ’s gift until well after this time (this was the early 90’s… I accepted Christ’s gift in 2001).

    I’m just deeply saddened for Jennifer, Chris, Parker, and their families. I pray Christ’s peace would be upon them and that they would focus closely on their families and keep Jesus at the center of their lives.


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