Are You a Daily Bible Reader?

bible-pic.jpgHave you started thinking about New Year’s resolutions yet? Well, if retail stores can start decorating for Christmas after Halloween, I can ask about New Year’s resolutions on December 1st! It really isn’t too early to start thinking about them! And, being a daily Bible reader should definitely be high on our list of priorities. We don’t even have to wait until the new year to start. Perhaps these suggestions will help you develop the habit.

#1) Simply read! Nothing will foster interest in the Bible more than reading it. The Bible is exciting, stimulating and challenging. Most importantly, it nourishes the soul as nothing else can! Delighting in God’s Word is the point around which the blessed life revolves! See: John 8:31f; 10:10; 15:1-8 and 15:10. To live it, we must read it. To read it, we must
love it. To love it, we must read it! So, let’s read the Bible make it our aim to spend quality time in God’s Word each day!

#2) Read with interest! Weren’t those Berean disciples we read about in Acts really something? They received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures daily to see if what Paul said was true (cf. Acts 17:11). Their yearning for truth reflected genuine interest in God’s Word! Disciples of every generation must do some digging in order to discover the deep truths of God’s Word. We should not simply pass over those hard to understand passages. We should study them out! Dust off your dictionary and look up those obscure words. Make comparisons of translations. Consult a commentary or two. Ask questions—lots of questions. Most importantly, pray that God will give you wisdom and spiritual insight so that you might see wonderful things in His word—Psalm 119:18. The deeper we dig the more engrossed we become and the more interested we are in reading the Bible each day. It’s a real page turner!

# 3) Read with purpose! Reading the Bible through is certainly a worthwhile goal. The manner in which the books are arranged sometimes confuses people. One way to see the biblical story unfold is to read The Daily Bible in Chronological Order, with commentary and devotional thoughts by LaGard Smith. There are copies available in the church office. See Tonia if you would like to purchase one.

Most importantly, remember that the application of Bible truths to our lives is our primary reason for reading. It is much better to read, study and apply one verse than to skim through chapter after chapter for the umpteenth time. As we make application of biblical truth to our lives that the Word of God serves as the lamp to our feet and light to our path. (See: Psalm 119:105.) Thus, each time we open our Bibles we need to look simultaneously for the revelation of the grandeur of our God and for His revealed will for our lives. We should ask: What has God revealed about Himself in this text? What does God require of me? We should read the Bible each day with keen interest and an firm resolve to live into God’s will, thus becoming a part of the unfolding story of what God is doing in our world.

Let’s be diligent daily Bible readers!

© Bill Williams
December 1, 2007

About a fellow sojourner

a sojourner in life, trying to follow in the steps of Jesus.
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2 Responses to Are You a Daily Bible Reader?

  1. Rick Rouse says:

    I usually read my Bible several times a day, both when researching a topic I’m writing about or when I simply feel the need to draw closer to Him. For me, reading the Word of God is one of life’s most enjoyable pleasures.

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