Are You a Charismatic Person?

Are you a charismatic person? Have you ever wished you were a more charismatic leader? Have you ever been stung by someone whose personal magnetism or charm was out-of-control?

Ah, Charisma! While these eight letters signify several different personal qualities, even a divinely conferred gift or power, we are primarily concerned with that which one online dictionary describes as “a personal attractiveness that enables you to influence others.”

Kate Lorenz, Senior Marketing Communications Manager,, recently wrote an article on this topic that caught my eye. In Charisma in 12 Easy Steps she shares the following gleanings about becoming a more charismatic person:

Expect acceptance.
Regardless of rank, expect to be treated as an equal. If you expect acceptance, you just might get it. If you don’t expect it, you definitely won’t get it.

Control your attitude.
Success in business is based more on mental attitude than on mental capabilities. Be optimistic toward yourself, others and life. Walk in to a room with a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

Perfect your posture.
Pull your ribcage away from your pelvis, roll your shoulders back and down, pull your stomach in and tuck your bottom toward your spine. Breathe deeply. You’ll not only look better, but feel more energized, alert and in control.

Think before you talk.
Think fast, pause, then speak purposefully. One CEO practices saying everything to himself before he says it out loud so that he will hear how it sounds and can change it if he needs to.

Slow down.
Speed in speaking, moving, gesturing and walking looks nervous and scared. Scared people get passed over, not hired or promoted. Learn to speak in a comfortable, easygoing and welcoming way. Don’t waste time, but do speak as if you have all the time in the world for those you are speaking to.

Shoot straight.
Everything you say or write can be done in a simple, straightforward manner. Just do it.

Be a good storyteller.
People understand you better, remember what you say longer, and find you smarter and more interesting if you use anecdotes to make your points.

Be aware of your style.
Clothes don’t make the man but they do make a difference. Wear well-tailored, good quality clothes that make you look like you are in charge. But remember, it isn’t as much about your look as how you look at things and what people see when they look at you.

Admit your mistakes.
If you are error-free, you’re likely effort-free.

Don’t be bullied.
If you are unjustly criticized, don’t take the bait and get into an argument. Instead calmly ask: “Why do you think that?” “What do you mean?” or “What’s that based on?”

Be flexible.
Be able to stand out while still fitting in with the crowd.

Be at ease with yourself and others.
Look others straight in the eye, eliminate any defensiveness and take the edge off your voice. Never let them see you sweat!

What do you think about these suggestions? What items would you add to this list? Would you drop anything? More importantly, what scriptural insight can you share concerning the idea of becoming a more charismatic person?

© Bill Williams
June 18, 2007

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a sojourner in life, trying to follow in the steps of Jesus.
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7 Responses to Are You a Charismatic Person?

  1. cwinwc says:

    Since I’m not a “charismatic” person it will be hard for me to add anything to the list. I’d like to pull the “style” category from the list but there is something to be said about the message one’s clothes does communicate.

    Having said that very few folks at our church wear coats and ties and I’m not one of them. Wasn’t it Neil Diamond who sang, “Forever in Blue jeans Babe?”

  2. They look like reasonable suggestions for the business world, but I am not sure they’d all translate into the proper way to relate to people outside the business world. (For example: “never let them see you sweat” translated into “don’t let people know you have struggles” has certainly caused complications in the church.)

  3. Dee Andrews says:

    That’s a great “list” of things we would all be wise to follow and try, whether in business or as a Christian, I think.

    I think one thing we can do to become more charismatic as a Christian is to have a genuine concern for others in our dealings with everyone we meet. Just as your list of things starts off by saying that we should expect acceptance, as Christians we should also offer acceptance to all others and make them feel accepted by us.

    That isn’t always easy to do, but we can work on that and try to do better than we already do.


  4. Kathy says:

    Uh, Bill – How about the Psalms? To be more charismatic should we not sing, dance, strike the cymbals and play the lyre, raising our hands in praise?

    [excuse me a moment while I try to extract my rebellious tongue from cheek] 🙂

  5. Rachel says:

    Ephesians 4:32 comes to mind, “Be kind one to another, tenderhearted and forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake forgave you.”

    Treat others the way you want to be treated. Show the love of Jesus in all you say and do!

  6. brian says:

    good list, but I think I know people like this who still wouldn’t be considered a person with “charisma” by the way we use the term.

  7. Mark says:

    This is a good post. For me, I go into and out of being confident. We have ups and downs. If only we could stay “up” and avoid the “downs!”

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