Move over MySpace; ShoutLife is here

shoutlife.jpgNot too long ago, Maggie asked, “How do Christian parents handle “MySpace”? I posted a response to this question on her blog in which I pointed her to an excellent post by Mark Strohm (click here). Here, Mark offers a number of general suggestions and specific alternatives.

One of the alternatives on his list is I just read that this free Christian online community was started by a friend of Keith Lancaster, Paul McClellan, who formerly served as Acappella’s volunteer webmaster.

As the parent of teenagers who use services like this on a daily basis, I would like to encourage everyone to take a close look at this resource and encourage our teens to check it out. Let’s do everything we can to help our children have a safe internet experience.


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8 Responses to Move over MySpace; ShoutLife is here

  1. Keith Davis says:

    Great idea Bill. I will check this out for my kids. The internet is one of the greatest tools and vices all at the same time. Thanks for showing us an opportunity to make it better for our kids.

  2. Greg England says:

    I hope this takes off. The attraction to “MySpace” is the millions of subscribers, thus making it easy to find friends from the past (at least that has been a big attraction to the teens I’ve spoken with about MS). The only way ShoutLife will become a viable alternative is to have a huge subscriber base. I hope it succeeds!!

  3. Mark says:

    The key to having this work is to get 3-5 kids from the youth group to migrate together. This is easier if parents have not allowed their children to use MySpace and several offer this alternative together. You may also ask your youth pastor to start a blog on the alternative site.

  4. Maggie says:

    Great thoughts, guys.

    Mine are still a few years away from this stuff.

    Great to continue to seek God’s counsel on situationally…even among married adults, it’s proven problematic to “stay in touch” where folks really should be “letting go” and “moving on”. Usually a spouse isn’t so keen on another spouse checking up on an old flames life. We must be so careful to invest where God tells us to.

    But, yes, I worry most about my kids.

    They cannot be subjected to lack of accountability and room to freely socialize all hours of the day and night without strong oversight. We’ve gotten so naive as parents and adults. Parents…cell phones with cameras are as problematic. Think carefully.

  5. Steve says:

    Thank I will let all my youth know at church.


    Thanks also for the add to your blog roll.


  6. Gallagher says:

    Great posts, current and past.

    I have found Shoutlife to be a great avenue for sharing the message of Christ in a moral internet atmosphere.

    Keep writing….excellent job.

  7. Jerry Smith says:

    The site is nice, but it is not a Christian MySpace. It is more of a Christian Forum with Blogs that allows (like most forums) users to have a simple profile. No doubt it is kewl, but to compare to MySpace, it must possess at least some of the main features. For that, there are plenty to choose from of which many I am a member of currently. The one I use the most due to speed and ease of use (and similarity to MySpace) is

    Again, it is not really a Christian MySpace, but more a Christian site with kewl forums and blogs. That is my 2 cents.

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