A Most Majestic Mission

Romans 10:13 sets forward a bold declaration: “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” This quote from the Messianic message of Joel 2:32, serves as a synecdoche (a figure of speech in which a part represents the whole), which speaks of a person’s acceptance of Jesus as Messiah and surrender to His lordship in their lives. This is astonishingly good news! Everyone who accepts Jesus as Lord and Christ will be saved!

This assertion is followed (Romans 10:14-15) by four piercing questions:

1) How can they call on the One in whom they have not believed?
2) How can they believe in Jesus, if they have not heard of Him?
3) How can they hear about Jesus, if no one preaches the Gospel to them?
4) How can preachers preach, unless they are sent?

While other points are involved, these questions convincingly instruct Christians of all ages concerning the majesty of our mission! To call on the Lord and be saved, people must believe in Him. Such belief is predicated upon hearing the Jesus-story. In order for people to hear the message of cross it must be proclaimed openly and published widely. This not only requires storytellers and publishers, but, also, those who are willing to send them forth to this noble task.

Could the logic be clearer? But, Paul does not have mere academic ends in view. He is not attempting to train readers as logicians. His purpose, in no small part, is to persuade Christians to recognize what a truly fabulous trust God has given us.

While only a relatively few will actually stand before a public gathering proclaiming the message, we can all be par of sending the Gospel throughout the world! The feet of those who bring the Good News are beautiful—not just because of the content of the message—but, also, because they represent the devotion of the body of Christ as a whole to the marvelous ministry of telling and publishing the Jesus-story. Sharing the soul-saving Gospel of Christ is a majestic mission, without parallel.

May we never forget that the feet of those who bring good news are beautiful to those who are crying for relief.

May we never forget this mission includes both sharing the message and sending the message-sharers!

May we never forget that proclaiming openly and publishing widely the faith-building, soul-saving Jesus-story is a most majestic mission!

© Bill Williams
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

About a fellow sojourner

a sojourner in life, trying to follow in the steps of Jesus.
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14 Responses to A Most Majestic Mission

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Nice post brother!

    Thanks, Mark!

  2. Greg England says:

    I’ve been to so many “seminars” over the years to help people tell the story. Some were very relational, others were very detailed and laden with paperwork. All attempted the same result: telling others of the love of Jesus. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Good post, Bill.

    Kinda’ like attending a “how to” seminar at Lowe’s. The only way to learn how to drive a nail without bending it is to pick up a hammer and start swinging it. Paul’s prayer for Philemon seems to apply: I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ. God bless, -bill

  3. Neva Cooper says:

    Two things: I am so thankful to know that the Great Commission is not gender-specific–it is a mission for all Jesus’ disciples.

    I sometimes get irritated with statements like “I don’t know enough to tell people about Jesus.” You know those kind of remarks? It seems we can always talk about a new weight loss program, a new hairdresser, a new software program, whatever. Several times in the gospels, Jesus healed or forgave someone and gave them a simple mission—Go tell what God has done for you!
    If we all did only that what a powerful ministry we would have.
    Grateful to share the mission with you brother,Keep on preaching
    (Don’t you think waiting until you know everything about Jesus to talk about Him is like waiting until you look good in exercise clothes before you start exercising?)

    Neva, I’m sure glad our blogging paths have crossed. I often tell people that if they know enough to be a Christian, then they know enough to help someone else become a follower of Christ. Hope all is well with you. You and your exciting assignment remain in my prayers! -bill

  4. rjperalta says:

    My first time here. I really like what was said on “the most majestic mission” It truly is !!!!!!
    I find no greater joy in all the world, then to share The Gospel with someone God has placed in my path.
    What did He save us for? Yes, we know it is to glorify Him here on the earth. One sure way to do that is let you light shine before all men.
    Praise Him !
    Thanks for the good write,

  5. brian says:

    wow, a triple bob tag
    I think that is a first..

  6. jel says:

    Morning Bill!

    Thanks for the comment !

    Have a Great day! 🙂

  7. Cecil Walker says:

    Growing up in a different fellowship than Churches of Christ, I cut my teeth on Rom. 10:13. Thanks for some of the background to this widely used verse.

  8. faithwalk says:

    Beautiful Post! May our Lord bless the feet of those who bring good news, wherever they are, whatever they are doing. From the least to the greatest, as in the Kingdom, all are the same.

    Every blessing to you,


  9. faithwalk says:

    Oh and once I got here I realized, I’ve been here before… just didn’t recognize “Bill” !

    Thanks for stopping by today and saying hi!

  10. jel says:

    you changed the look , I thought i was at the wrong place:?

  11. Maria Toth says:

    Thanks again for your reflections.
    God bless you this day
    Maria in the UK

  12. Trey Morgan says:

    Bill … Thanks for the reminder to “never forget.” Good stuff. Very good stuff.

    I like your heart.

  13. Neva Cooper says:

    Thanks for your encouragement about the workshop. And I wanted you to know I met someone who knows you. She said you performed her wedding. She was very sweet and very encouraging. I am not sure of her name because I met so many new and wonderful Christian sisters. The workshop was wonderful–very inspiring.
    I too, am very grateful our blog paths crossed. Thank you my brother for all that you do to share God’s message and encourage God’s people.
    In Him

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