In Passionate Pursuit of a God-Shaped Life

The Lord willing, I will be launching a new sermon series at my home church this Sunday. This series focuses on the passionate pursuit of a God-shaped life. We will examine 8 principles; 4 practices and 1 supreme purpose, by which God will shape us into truly Christ-like Christians, as we choose to passionately pursue them.

Anyone want to have a go at guessing what any or all of these might be?

— 8 Principles?

— 4 Practices?

— 1 Supreme Purpose?


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a sojourner in life, trying to follow in the steps of Jesus.
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15 Responses to In Passionate Pursuit of a God-Shaped Life

  1. Maria says:

    Every blessing to that course… God’s anointing on you and your preaching. Wow… a quiz for us!! ha ha! I can’t guess right now cos am answering phones at work.. will be back
    Maria in the UK

  2. brian says:

    for the 4 practices I nominate:
    worship, fellowship, Bible study/teaching, and prayer

    i will guess the supreme thing probably involves either love or glorifying God

    hope you share more about it, God bless
    thanks for the link

  3. Bill says:

    The supreme purpose is indeed “to glorify God”. Better be, right?

    As far as the four practices, you are definitely in the neighborhood. Here’s a hint: I’m really big on alliteration. The four words identifying these practices all end with “fy”. The first practice is a repetition of the supreme idea: “Seek to Glorify God in all you do.”


  4. brian says:

    I love John Piper, in that everything he writes, says, preaches, he always focuses on God and not man.

    I think if we are to have an integrative motif for the whole Bible (fancy phrase I learned in grad school recently), it should be that one. God’s Glory.

  5. Kathy says:

    4 practices ending in -fy? How about

    Pray-fy, Fast-fy, Study-fy, Worship-fy

    Now Bill, you know I’m a brat, so don’t scowl. 🙂

  6. I’m not scowling! Smiling from ear-to-ear though! 😀

  7. I say glorify, magnify, intensify, and clarify.

  8. Mark Wilson says:

    No idea, but I’m looking forward to hearing it.

    Are you the pastor at your church?

  9. Maria Toth says:

    this is fun!
    God bless
    Maria in the UK

  10. Dee Andrews says:

    I like John’s entries above.

    But then there’s objectify and . . . ha~

  11. Bill says:

    Thanks to all. You have made some excellent comments!

    So, here are my offerings in the first two categories:

    The one supreme purpose is: Living for God’s glory and the good of all. Yes, I know that my “one” supreme purpose is two-fold. But, my thinking is that one cannot truly live for God’s glory without seeking good for all. Does that make sense?

    Four practices:

    1) Glorify
    2) Edify
    3) Testify
    4) Multiply

    The eight principles are based on Mike Breen’s discipleship series: LifeShapes. You can learn more about LifeShapes by clicking HERE.

    Lord willing, I’ll be posting updates on our progress. Stay tuned and, please, offer your thoughts and suggestions!

  12. The sermon sounds wonderful. I’m sure it will be.

  13. Greg England says:

    I’m late getting in on this, but how ’bout: glorify, edify, testify, and multiply? Am I close?

    Actually, I don’t like these types of questions … so I use them often in my teaching. My congregation accuses me of asking “guess what I am thinking” questions.

    Sounds like a good series, though. Give us some more as you develop it.

  14. Steve says:

    Sounds like a good series, Bill. I like A. W. Tozier’s classic Pursuit of God on this subject.


  15. Matt Dabbs says:

    I am not sure what they might be but I would guess that adding up to 13 is no accident! I think it is kind of funny when authors write in 13s to make their work useful for a quarter system. It is really pretty clever and if it works, more power to you!

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