From South Africa – 2006.11.28

We have been so busy since we wrote to you last. On Thursday, we prepared a real American Thanksgiving dinner and had about 15 people join us. It was almost like home. We cooked 2 small turkeys (it was all we could find) and had 2 cans of cranberry sauce that had been brought to us from the US. It was nice to share the history of Thanksgiving and the importance God had in the first Thanksgiving. Living abroad makes you appeciate even more the wonderful United States of America.

We have also made a move this week. As you may know Lighthouse Children’s Ministries is relocating to a new property so we have moved so Dave can tear down our wood house and move it to the new place. We are in a brick house about 15 minutes from the farm. We hate to admit it, but we are feeling a little spoiled…… No peacocks making noise at all hours, no milk cow parlor outside our front door and no trash pit within 10 paces. It almost feels like a holiday! haha. We still work at the farm so we are there daily.

Sunday was a very special day. We “borrowed” a church with a baptismal and 9 of our teens from the RDP youth group were baptised! It was so wonderful! I am sending a couple of photos along from the baptism. These are some of the teens that you purchased Bibles for! There are 2 boys, Thapelo and Sam, that have grown in Christ together and have a wonderful friendship in their faith. A couple of weeks ago, we had an all night prayer meeting and seeing these boys holding hands and praying brought tears to my eyes. They remind me of King david and Jonathan! In 2 weeks the teens are visiting a big church about 20 minutes away to sing songs and read some scripture. We have been practicing and they are very excited.


— — — — —


Sunday evening we had a children’s program at the church and it was very nice. The kids dressed up for the program. Selah was a kitty, Jansen a whale and Alisa was a doll. They all had a great time.

On Monday, we took Alisa to get a new CD4 count before she went to the ARV clinic on Tuesday. In September, Alisa’s CD4 count was 4. A healthy person has a CD4 count between 600 and 1200. Once your count goes below 200, you have AIDS (rather than HIV). We were very saddened when we got the call Tuesday morning that Alisa’s CD4 count was now 1. She has doubled her weight in the last 2 months and has so much energy, we just assumed it would be much higher. We never expected it to go down. We took this as a definate “yes” to starting ARV medication. ARV is short for Anti-retroviral medication which is medicine that attacks the AIDS virus. Once started, it must be continued every 12 hours for life. Alisa started the medicine Tuesday evening. We have been told that the medicine is like poison to the virus and has nasty side effects- especially the first 2 weeks. Please remember Alisa during this time and we will keep you updated on her condition.

We do not have internet yet at our new home but we are hoping to have it soon. We will keep you updated on how things are going. Thank you to all who are helping with the gifts for the hospital children. We can’t wait to see their faces when we visit on Christmas. We have a small fake Christmas tree we will put up this weekend. The kids are getting excited about Christmas and all that goes along with the season. We are teaching the birth of Jesus at all of our clubs right now and telling them that Christmas is a great time to share Jesus with all of their family and friends. Jansen and Selah have gotten a National Geographic for kids! We don’t know who has sent it but would like to say thank you. They love the animals and stories.


The Hildreths

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6 Responses to From South Africa – 2006.11.28

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  2. Awesome report of service to the Lord and His children.

  3. Maria says:

    Praise God!

    God bless and anoint you
    Maria in the UK

  4. Steve says:

    Good new from the mistion field.
    God Bless the Work of their hands.


  5. Thanks for posting the photos….they are touching!

    Lord bless!


  6. Kathy says:

    The Hildreths have really touched my heart – especially their love and ministry for Alisa. May she continue to thrive in their love and that great love God has for her.

    Bless you Bill for bringing this couple to us, providing an opportunity for prayer and encouragement. Living, breathing, Jesus-loving “missional” church are they!!!!

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