From South Africa – 2006.10.30

familypic.jpgSorry this is late. The internet cables on the mountain where we get our internet service were stolen so we have not had internet for the last week. Here is an update on what is going on in South Africa:

October is Dave’s favorite month. He usually spends the whole month hunting in the mountains of Gunnison County. As the temperature in our house reached 104 degrees this week, his longing for the cold, Colorado mountains grew stronger! The cool evening is our favorite time of day as we watch the gorgeous African sunsets and feel the temperature dropping and a cool breeze blow through.

Last Friday morning, we woke to something new. For the first time since our arrival in South Africa, we had been robbed. The good news is that the robbers did not try to enter any of our houses but the bad news is that they stole a lot of stuff from the shop and outside like the wheelbarrow, a jack, tennis equipment, etc. Dave keeps all of his tools in our house so none of them were taken. Jansen’s great grandma had sent money to him and 2 weeks ago, he bought himself a brand new bike. We had a teary eyed 5 year old when he found out his bike was also taken. We have been fenced in by the mine that is buying this property so the robbers cut into the big electric fence to get in. The mine had their helicopter following wheelbarrow tracks trying to find out who cut their fence. It made Jansen smile to think that the helicopter was looking for his bike. We were thankful that they did not try to enter the houses.

The same morning, I went to the ARV clinic at the hospital. ARV is anti- retroviral medicine which is the main drug they use for HIV here. My friend Maria who I have written about before has a 4 month old little girl. Her name is Keamogetse which means “I have accepted”. Both of them are HIV positive but this little baby is not well at all. She keeps loosing weight and has diarrhea. She does not want to eat. We have decided to sponsor formula for Keamogetse to see if a special fortified formula will help her to gain weight. The Friday clinic is only for infants so all of the mothers have children under 2 and all are HIV positive. A few mothers look like they are sick but most are very healthy looking. Some of the babies are brought in my grandmothers as well. These women all know me, although I know very few of them. Maria said they all know you as the white lady who takes care of Alisa. Most of these mothers are unemployed, bored and afraid to face their family and friends with the truth that they are HIV positive. I have a heart for these mothers. Please keep in prayer these ladies as I am trying to come up with a plan to spend some time helping them do something productive and teach them about Jesus. If anyone has any ideas, we’d take any suggestions.

Alisa is back staying with the Hildreth family. She has had a hard time adapting to the children’s home in Hamaanskral and has not been doing well health wise while she has been there. After she got out of the hospital 2 weeks ago, she has been back with us and has already gained 4 pounds back! Alisa needs food every couple of hours and responsibility with her medicines so she is back at the Lighthouse farm. Please pray about this situation as Alisa will need a family well after we leave but caring for her is a full time job, so please pray that God will make his plan for Alisa known. She is on a new diarrhea medicine that seems to really be working good. Keep praying for her health as she is showing improvement.

Dave has been working on a stage for a tent church in Pretoria, building some book shelves for the lighthouse office and fixing fence. Jansen and Selah are both enjoying their afternoon swims and the warm summer weather. I am not fairing so well with the heat. This week, we had 3 days where it was over 100 degrees in our house! I am hoping my body will adapt soon.

The work with the teenagers is going well and we have started a new study with them. We have bought some bibles and have more on the way. Pray that the bibles will get some use! The hospital ministry is going well and always rewarding as there are always many kids who need love and a visit with a smile. Our car has finally been fixed and it is so nice to have it back again.

We are wanting to do a Christmas project for children and will start working on that soon. Alisa stayed with the Buff family this weekend and we went with some friends to see Robin Mark in concert. We camped out Saturday night and had a wonderful weekend. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. We love getting emails from you all and hearing how you are doing.


Dave, Tarrah, Jansen, Selah and Alisa

— — — — —

NOTE: Several readers have wondered how to make contact with the Hildreths. Should you desire to do so, I will be pleased to send their contact to you via email. -bill

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9 Responses to From South Africa – 2006.10.30

  1. Donna says:

    Thanks Bill for the update.

  2. Kathy says:

    O! Bill – this makes me wish Alisa weren’t so far away or that it were possible for me to go to her and help with her 24-hour care.
    What wonderful, Jesus-honoring love this family is showing to the families in South Africa. May He richly bless their time there, their health and stamina.
    A lighter aside – maybe those planning on going to South Africa and other HOT areas should first spend at least one summer in West Texas without benefit of A/C. Talk about toughening up! South Africa would feel like a cool Antartic breeze in comparison. LOL

  3. Erin says:

    It’s so great to hear how God’s people are being used throughout the world. Thanks for the interesting and encouraging post.

  4. Rex says:

    May God continue to bless this family as the demonstrate the Reign of God through their living.

    Sola Gloria Deus

  5. Cecil Walker says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated.

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  7. preacherman says:

    Thanks for the update.
    I will keep the ministry in my prayers.
    God is good and will continue to bless His work worldwide.

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  9. diana says:

    Thanks for the update Bill, Alisa and the Hildreths have been in our prayers in India and will continue to be –
    love, Diana

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