From South Africa – 2006.09.25

Here is Tarrah’s latest prayer letter. It came via email today. My previous post gives you a bit of background. As I mentioned there, Tarrah and her family are working with WEC international in South Africa. Please join me in praying for Tarrah and her family.

Hope this finds you all doing well. We are starting a very busy week with a wonderful ending! Our camp facility is made to hold 40 campers. As of 7:00pm, we have 73 campers for our teenage camp! We had our first Bible lesson today. I am teaching series 1 which is the beginner series. I have a group of 15 kids and had to explain how to find chapters and verses in the Bible, old and new testament, etc. It is so hard because so many of them don’t even have a Bible. If they have a Bible, they are usually the little Gideon Bibles with New Testament, Psalms & Proverbs. It has been a hectic but rewarding day. Please pray for these teens all week. Pray we will have lives changed in the next 5 days.

Dave worked last week on putting in a playground at a preschool in a government housing area. He made a fence of half buried old tires and painted them bright colors and made tire swings on wood beams. They look so nice and the kids are so excited to have such a playground.

Alisa was TB free but severely dehydrated. The doctors said she would not have lived another week if she had not been treated. She was sent home from the hospital with us on September 12th. She has chronic diarrhea and very bad mouth sores which go down her throat and cause her to throw up at times. Her CD4 count is very very low and we are in the process of getting her on the anti-retroviral meds that she needs. It is a lengthy process but we have started it.

I have a wonderful story to share about Alisa. We have learned there is no possibility of Alisa being allowed to return with us to the USA and caring for her is a full time job that not everyone is cut out for. We have been praying that God would reveal his plans for Alisa to us. He did this on Saturday. We have spoke before about a hospice facility that has been built by Christians in a squatter camp in Hamaanskraal. Dave had done work there wiring the electricity for the facility. One of the ladies who oversees the facility, Johanna, has her own home filled with orphans, especially HIV children. She is a safe house that these kids can go to.

Our preacher’s wife, Alisa and I went to visit Johanna on Saturday. When we walked in Johanna’s door she said “Alisa? Is that Alisa Khoza?” My heart dropped. Johanna had been the safe house that Alisa had been at before she went to the hospital in June! Johanna had her for 3 weeks and then she was released back to her Grandmother. Unknown to me, the social worker had finalized paperwork for Alisa to be permanently placed in Johanna’s care 2 weeks ago. When the social worker went to get Alisa, she was not there- she was with us! The grandmother lied and said she had no idea where Alisa was. Since June, Johanna and her church have been praying for Alisa’s return. For the last 2 weeks they have been praying God was watching over Alisa. What a joy it was to see God’s plan revealed! We know his eye is on Alisa.

On Sunday, we took Alisa to Johanna. There were many tears, especially from Alisa, but we know it is what is best. Johanna also will let Alisa visit us any time. Please keep Alisa in your prayers as she is so frail and vulnerable to any illness that comes her way. I have attached a picture of Alisa, Mama Johanna and Mama Tarrah.pict0009.jpg

This past Friday night, we took 35 teenagers to visit the children’s wards at the hospital. There is a 12 year old HIV+ boy named Hans who is there now. He is very sick and has lost his sight. He is so loving and gentle. I love visiting him. He always wants me to sing to him. It was a touching experience for several of the teen boys to see someone close to their own age so sick. Several were in tears and Dave was able to share things with them we had not been able to before. Those boys are here this week for the teenager camp as well.

My sister and her family and Miranda arrive here on Friday and we are so excited. We will vacation with them next week. Thank you to all of you who helped sponsor teenagers for camp and Bibles for them. We are looking forward to getting Bibles and or the money to buy them soon. You can’t even imagine how much we need them. We will write more soon and miss you all. Please keep in touch and thank you for your prayers.


Tarrah, Dave, Jansen & Selah

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4 Responses to From South Africa – 2006.09.25

  1. Donna says:

    Thank you Bill for sharing this.

  2. Cecil Walker says:

    Amazing. Our prayers are with them.

  3. Greg England says:

    Bill: How can I send her some money to help buy bibles?

  4. Rex says:

    Very encouraging!

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