What do you think?

What do you think of the new look of the Spiritual Oasis? I’d like to hear your feedback.

The photograph that I’m using for the header is courtesy of Jonathan Hey. I found it by searching images at Google. Jonathan was gracious enough to give his permission for me to use it here. This is very much appreciated. The entire photograph (it had to be cropped, of course) looks great. You can view it by clicking HERE.

A word of encouragement: “Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain” (1 Corinthians 15:58).

Please do let me know what you think of this format.

Hope you’re week is off to a great start!

God bless,


About a fellow sojourner

a sojourner in life, trying to follow in the steps of Jesus.
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15 Responses to What do you think?

  1. kreyes says:

    Hi Bill,

    I noticed the new format when I stopped by earlier – it’s fabulous! I absolutely LOVE the photograph…..it’s always nice to change things around every now and then – isn’t it?? It’s fresh!


  2. jel says:

    AWESOME! 🙂

  3. Rachel says:

    I think it’s lovely and refreshing. Also, your new pic is very bright and cheery. Have a blessed day!

  4. Jeff Slater says:

    I like it! Very nice — and it fits the title of the blog.

  5. It’s perfect! The picture illustrates the theme tremendously. It refreshes my soul just to look at it.

  6. Cecil Walker says:

    Looks like the photo is from our neck of the woods with the palm trees in the background. I like the new format especially the larger font in the comment box. Great for my 48 year old eyes.

  7. Kathy says:

    Wow! Beautiful! and I agree about the new larger font for the reply section. I can see it now without having to form even MORE wrinkles between the eyes from squinting. Aren’t you just the nicest host in blogland!! 🙂

    [My guess the pic is from some tropical desert area of the Pacific’s long coastline.]

  8. Very nice. I love that picture. So serene.

  9. Bobby says:

    I like it, Bill. Simple yet distinctive. Real easy on the eyes.

    — Bobby

  10. Dee Andrews says:

    I LOVE the new look and photo, Bill. You and Donna. Great stuff. For some reason, though, the photo is very slow loading up and it took a couple of minutes, at least, for me to be able to see it across the top.

    I, too, really like the big reply box and bigger comments section since my vision is not too good at the moment. On top of the bleeding and edema in both my eyes and the recent laser surgery on both of them that I’m recovering from, I now have cataracts in both eyes that is affecting my vision a good bit. They keep telling me I’m way too young to be having all of these health problems, but then diabetes for 36 1/2 years takes its toll and prematurely ages the body.

    At least my spirit is still intact (and my mind sharp as a tack! ha!)!

  11. Mag says:

    Ditto! Really reflects your purpose. Loved it.

  12. Greg England says:

    Looks very good. I like the white background much better than the previous format.

  13. Donna says:

    I like it too! Mine is a picture I took at the beach of a sunrise this past New Year! I like the personal touch!

  14. Jim Martin says:

    Your blog has a very nice look! I really like this!

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