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geese.jpgEvery segment of our society is crying out for leadership. From corporate board rooms to the halls of our nation’s capitol to the halls of local high schools there is a critical shortage of leaders. On the one hand, winning athletic programs, thriving civic organizations, growing businesses and other “models of success” all have a common fiber running through their fabric—effective leadership. On the other hand, many institutional disasters and most organizational decline can be traced to a deficit of or deficiencies in this key component. Leadership is a key component for success in any venture in life.

With this in mind, millions of dollars are spent each year by governmental agencies, large corporations, small businesses and private individuals to conduct schools, seminars and workshops designed to provide leaders with the necessary tools for performing their tasks more effectively. In every facet of our society, the need for more and better trained leaders is unquestioned.

As our society is faced with a critical shortage of leaders, so also is the community of Jesus’ followers. Every issue we face will not be solved as a result of enhanced leadership proficiencies. However, we will be able to navigate our way through troubled waters much more effectively with skilled leaders at the helm. This reminds me of something my blogger friend Makeesha recently posted. She says that her husband’s email signature quotes the words of Michael Frost, who says: The way out is to be led by way out people.

Likewise, we will be much more capable of embracing our Lord’s kingdom vision with spiritually mature leaders shepherding our movements. Indeed, our kingdom-calling to “make disciples, teaching them to observe the Lord’s will, necessitates spiritual leaders who are anchored deep in their relationships with the Lord. We need leaders to pioneer new pathways in fulfilling our kingdom-calling of making disciples of all ethnic groups. The whole idea of embodying the kingdom call of Christ on our lives can only be realized with effective leaders championing the cause and leading the charge.

The value of dynamic and dedicated leaders is undeniable. My sense is the need for more well-trained, effective, SPIRITUAL leaders is unprecedented. So, I’m planning to begin devoting a post or two each week to this subject. I’m reasonably certain that there are some readers of this blog who know about excellent resources related to this topic that have already been posted. Please feel free to share links to these quality spiritual leadership materials in your comments. Also, don’t be hesitant to share links to your own posts in these comments. We’re all just humble servants here, trying to learn how to be more effective leaders in the kingdom cause of Christ.

Here is a starter question: What is spiritual leadership? Anyone have any great insights into this question?

Blessings to all,


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a sojourner in life, trying to follow in the steps of Jesus.
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9 Responses to Learning to Lead

  1. ksreyes says:

    Hi Bill,

    I believe this will be a very interesting topic to explore. The non-profit that I do short-term work for periodically does this very thing in Russia, Central Asia and India. The link is http://www.cldi.org. I believe Dr. Lewis of Blue Passport has been one of its seminar leaders on a training trip to the Ukraine. My only comment at this point: I find that many of these ‘training seminars’ follow business models. I believe, as Christians, it is necessary for us to combine our ‘earthly knowledge’ with Godly wisdom found in scripture and through prayer. It was always my biggest ‘discussion’ with my boss.


  2. Greg England says:

    I have great spiritual insights into nothing! But I know that spiritual leadership is difficult for at least two reasons: One, we lead an all volunteer army. Two, we lead no authority other than influence and relationship.
    I know, too, that Moses once told God he’d rather have God kill him than to have to lead God’s people another inch (paraphrase). I know that feeling from experience!
    That said, what greater privilege than to serve the kingdom??
    How’s that for great insight and wisdom? Sort of overwhelming, ain’t it?!

  3. ksreyes says:

    Thoughts regarding tomorrow:

    Hi friend.
    I like Psalm 84:1-7; my footnotes state that Baca means “weeping.”

    My thoughts:
    I lost my grandmother two years ago. We had a simple service in a country church – coal country, West Virginia. We had a moment where attendees could stand and share a thought or favorite memory of her. It was poignant and comforting to my mom and aunt.

    I believe death allows us that rare opportunity to truly participate in the sorrow of our Lord Jesus. Our grief is the backdrop. Each hug given; each word spoken to us or hand squeezed; each memory shared shine like jewels against the black velvet of our grief. Step back and we see a starry night; a glorious story written by these jewels of a life lived and mourned; a series of constellations that live on as a testimony to Lisa’s life and those that knew her, love her, mourn for her. A beautiful remembrance.

    As well I wrote ‘Heart Sorrow’ after reading your post. I love the image of God capturing each of our tears and placing them in a bottle: “put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?” Ps 56:8b KJV

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that death allows us to mourn together corporately. It can be a gift.

    Peace to you and your congregation dear brother+ – Mercy to Bob and family.
    In His mercy,

  4. Thank you, Kiersten! I wondered if you wrote ‘Heart Sorrow’ with Lisa’s death in mind. When I read it last, I was too choked up to comment. I’m still working on my message for tomorrow, but you can be sure that you will have a part in it. Thank you for your prayers. I will share all of this with Bob and the boys. Also, hope your little guy is getting along well after his broken arm. You, him, your family are in my prayers.

    One other thing for Greg: Sounds to me like there is some great wisdom and insight running under the surface of your previous comments. Besides, after 29 years you’ve surely got one good quote in your files, something?

    Blessings to all,


  5. kreyes says:

    Hi Bill,

    Blessings to you and all tomorrow. I will be in the ‘boiler room’ praying for your message and Bob and family as well. It will be good to have a focus while Lucas, hopefully, gets his cast…..depending on how well it was set initially, swelling etc. He is still in much pain but wise enough to ‘work’ the attention factor to his fullest benefit! What can I say? He’s the youngest.

    As for the poem – Yes, it was for Lisa and definitely prompted by the Holy Spirit. I’ve been reading through Richard Foster’s book entitled ‘Prayer’ and had jotted down a number of thoughts after I read his chapter on ‘the prayer of tears.’ But I was not able to pull a poem together until I read your post. The poem ‘wrote itself’…….for Lisa, Bob and the children.

    I will remember.
    Peace and blessings+

  6. D.Reyes says:

    I have been leading a group of christians now for 1.5 years and I tell you I have already had some highs and lows. (Though there have been many more high’s than lows)

    Nevertheless, I believe competent spiritual leadership is absolutly essential to any organization especially to the church.

    To me good spiritual leaders, should be motivated to love and give because HE first love and gave to us.

    To me good spiritual leaders should be visionaries, looking and planning to achieve something that is bigger than themselves.

    To me good spiritual leaders are humble servants not positional tyrants.

    To me good spiritual leaders sacrfice first of themselves before they ask of others.

    To me good spiritual leaders don’t look at what can’t be done.. but HOW can it be done?

    To me good spiritual leaders are the hardest people to find, often misunderstood, but absolutely needed!!

    Resources: Anything by John Maxwell


  7. Kathy says:

    Bill dear,

    Just wanted to send my prayers and hugs to you, asking God’s support during the difficult task facing you and your beloved friends today.

    In the Light and Comfort of His love, grace and mercy!


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  9. Mark McHale says:

    This is to ask for prayers for my new book “10 to 4”
    The proceeds go to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Tim Stephens who stepped out in faith by resigning his sports writer position to head up the organization without pay. He has 5 adopted children.
    The book is about Brett Favre–a great leader in the NFL. I tell my story and reinforce it with scripture throughout the book. Brett gives his viewpoints in each half of each chapter on what makes him the leader he is today. The book is not in the major bookstores yet, but people can go online to view it and order it. The website is http://www.markmchalefootball.com
    My vision is to have as many people as possible to read the book and plant a seed for the Holy Spirit to work in their lives. Thanks for your prayers for this type of missionary!
    Mark McHale

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