From High to Low, Really Low…

Earlier, I went from high to low in the matter of just a few minutes. The high was actually left over from yesterday’s events. They were tremendous! We had a splendid day at my home church. We had a positive mid-year congregational meeting led by our spiritual shepherds. They also introduced some exciting changes we plan to implement in September, which seemed to be well received. The Lord willing, I’ll write more about our plans and progress in the days to come.

Yesterday afternoon was one of those “red letter days” you sometimes read about. My home church, which is primarily Anglo-American, met for worship and table fellowship with several congregations from the surrounding Delaware Valley, all of which have a primarily African-American membership. I was privileged to have the opportunity to preach for this gathering. What a joy! What a blessings! I told them that the gathering reminded me of Jesus prayer in John 17:20-21. I also said that in my imagination I could see Jesus leaning over to our Heavenly Father saying, “They’re trying, Father. They are really trying!” What a glorious day it was. How pleasant the afternoon was.

Then, with one phone call we were sent reeling. One of the teenagers from our church family (he is my daughter’s age and accompanied us to the beach last week) spoke with my wife, Telesa, telling her that his mother, who had routine surgery last Friday, had been rushed to the hospital, unconscious. We immediately rushed to the hospital. The teenager’s husband, Bob, whom I wrote about in early July in a post entitled A “Spiritual Oasis” Sort of Day, met us at the entry to the hospital’s emergency room. He spoke two words which sent us plummeting to the depths. He said, “She’s gone.” We hugged and cried, cried and hugged and eventually said our final goodbyes. We do believe we will see her again, but we will miss her. Her beloved Bob will miss her. Her boys…oh, her boys will miss her.

I had thought that my blogging respite would end today. I have a list of about twenty topics which I’d like to explore with my blogging friends, but these will just have to wait for a few more days, maybe longer. Please keep Bob and his boys in your prayers. Please ask God to work through me to bring comfort, hope and peace to this family during this trying time.

Blessings to all,


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10 Responses to From High to Low, Really Low…

  1. Greg England says:

    Bob and his family (and you and your church family) will certainly be in my prayers. My wife has been away for 8 days and I’m missing her terribly. Can’t even imagine the thought of knowing I’ll never see her again in this life.
    I pray, too, that you’ll have all you need to make it through a very tough funeral.

  2. kreyes says:

    Oh Bill,

    I’m so sorry to hear of your church family’s loss – my heart goes out to those grieving boys and their dad. Have missed having you around on the blog – so selfish of me. I will keep you, your family and Bob’s in my continual prayers….

    in His peace+

  3. Kathy says:

    Dear Brother in Him,

    These are such conflictive days for us, when one we love goes home. But I’ve been able to take comfort in “mourn with those that mourn” – iwo the LORD knows we need to grieve and wants us to do so. How does a nonbeliever hold up under grief with emptiness facing them, rather than living in hope and the knowledge that our loved one is enviably face-to-face with the LORD?

    I send you my prayers and thoughts for you and your friend/family. May our LORD’s promised comfort come to them quickly. My heart aches for all of you!

  4. Dee Andrews says:

    Bill –

    I’m just now having the chance to peruse your blog for the first time in a couple of days and am so, so sorry to hear of your dear friend’s tragic death yesterday. How tragic and sad for her husband, Bob, and children, including the son your daughter’s age who you’ve just spent the past week with.

    I will pray for all of them and for you as you try to comfort them as best you can. We just arrived back home last night from west Texas with Tom’s 3 grandchildren and I’ve been thinking SO much about how terrible death is for those left behind, even though we know they are in a better place. Tom’s youngest granddaughter, Hayley, was only 4 years old when her mother, Tom’s beloved younger daughter, Kim, died suddenly and without warning 4 years ago, now. When we came through Jackson, Mississippi yesterday afternoon on our way home from Abilene, we stopped by Kim’s grave before we picked up Hayley and Tom wept once again over the loss of his dear daughter.

    Please accept for the family our deepest condolences from here in south Mississippi. Please tell them we are praying for them in their loss even from this long distance away because they are part of our family, too, in God and in Jesus Christ. May we all get to meet and converse together in our life hereafter.

  5. Mark Wilson says:

    Hi Bill

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Please Lord help Bill in this time, I know You will.

    Bless you Bill,

  6. Jennifer says:


    My heart breaks for you and that dear family. I know what it is like to lose a parent. It is really tough. Just the other night I had a dream that my dad (who is already deceased) died. It was like going through the grief all over again in my sleep. It was awful. So when I read your post today, tears of compassion rolled down my cheeks. I KNOW what they are feeling right now. That hurts.

    I will pray for you and this family. We have the promise of the Comforter, and I will pray that all of you feel Him in your midst during this time.


  7. It is always an honor and a privilege to pray for a son of adam.

    bobby valentine

  8. dojo says:

    You will all be in my prayers.

  9. Thanks to all for kind thoughts and, more importantly, your prayers. These are deeply appreciated. -bill

  10. D.Reyes says:

    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of our Sister in Christ. My prayers are with you all.

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