Hard at Work in New Orleans

Here are a couple of pictures of one of the sites in New Orleans, where my son Benjamin is working this week:







Our prayers continue to be with all whose lives remain disrupted by the devastation of last year’s hurricanes.

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10 Responses to Hard at Work in New Orleans

  1. dojo says:

    It is amazing how much destruction remains in this area. I am glad folks like your son are helping us all to not forget.

  2. Greg England says:

    Yesterday I was online at Reader’s Digest site and looking at some videos from NO. Amazing how we can do so much (or do we?) to help the world, but our own people are still awaiting real help from our government.

  3. cwinwc says:

    It’s sad that a year later there are parts of NO that look as if Katrina struck yesterday.

  4. Kathy says:

    May I suggest we remember how long it took to clear out the debris of the twin towers and here, in the Gulf area, we’re talking about cleaning up cities, towns, harbors, highways, whole neighborhoods. Yes, it’s going to take time and it isn’t going to be easy either.

    And of course, anytime you have a federal government involved in a major project such as the post-Katrina clean-up and THEN rebuilding, there are going to be really nasty foul-ups.

    btw- Bill. Am I mistaken, or is the first picture posted the later one taken? It looks as though the second picture shows the first phase of work at this house; clearing out the debris and the second shows how much they gathered up from the house and yard areas. That’s some job and the churches of this country have really put their backs into this clean-up. May our LORD be praised!

    Another question. Are any of the workers in the pictures owners or residents of the house they’re cleaning? It has to be such a trama for them to see their whole lives being cleared out as trash. May the LORD protect them from future storms as they try to reestablish their lives to some semblence of order. Amen!

    [btw-Bill, I’d like to change my email addy that’s on your blog. How do I do so?]

  5. Thanks, Kathy. I changed the order. All of the people pictured in these images are workers from outside of New Orleans.

    There is much that remains to be done in N.O. and the surrounding area. I recently met a minister who works with a small Mississippi church that had about 140 members. Of this number 27 families lost their homes during the storms last year. That’s an incredibly high percentage!

    With respect to changing your email addy, I think you just need to clear the old address in this field and enter the new address. When you hit submit it should be changed.

    Now I’m off to put some soothing, hydrating, aloe vera gel on my sunburned legs!

    Blessings to all,

  6. kreyes says:

    Hi Bill!

    These photos prove that a picture is worth a thousand words!! I drive through this area and MS every year to visit my parents. I’m still amazed at the devestation and destruction that you can see just from the highway!! What your son is accomplishing is very inspirational! I love to see faith in action.

    Hope you are enjoying/enjoyed your sojourn at the beach! Stop by my blog – I’m in the midst of a soliloquy on my wretched summer – LOL! Oh and I got really blasted over at Blue Passport for my post on God Boxes….ouch! Maybe I was shooting a little too straight from the hip!


  7. Thank you for sharing the photos. I have many ties to the NO area and am in constant prayer for not only the family of God there but the family of Adam as well.

    Bobby Valentine

  8. Kathy says:

    You got a sunburn? tsk, tsk, tsk! Hope it doesn’t hurt too much.

    I have a dear friend in Ocean Springs, MS that lost everything but the lot her house was standing on. She, her disabled brother and elderly mom are living in a 2-bedroom FEMA mobile home while their house is being rebuilt.

    She has such strength in her faith, it is amazing. When she lost her job, on top of everything else, she turned right around, opened a house cleaning business. You can just imagine how successful that is becoming. What a wonderful sister in the LORD she is! My heart breaks for everyone on the Gulf Coast suffering as a result of the storms.

  9. kreyes says:

    oooo!! I just read through your old post/blog regarding Anne Lamont’s book Traveling Mercies! I LOVE that book. I especially like the raw candidness of her faith – it isn’t varnished or polished by the platitudes of Christianity. And I especially like the diversity of culture that she is experiencing. She keeps it real.


  10. Meredith says:

    hey Mr. Williams!!
    Thanks for posting the pictures from New Orleans to get more people praying for us!! It was an amazing experience, thanks for letting Ben be part of it! And now I’m enjoying reading all your other blogs!! See ya later!!

    -Meredith =)

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