Take Heart, My Friends! x

While working for his former employer, a Christian friend of mine had an extremely high pressure job. One Wednesday evening, I asked him how he was doing. He responded, “This day has been a long week.”

Have you ever had a day like that—a day when it seemed as though nothing was going right? Like the homeowner in Maui I read about. He was told by the fire investigators that the cause of the blaze which destroyed his home was a short in the newly installed fire prevention alarm system. He responded, “This is even worse than last year, when someone broke in and stole my new security system!”

Have you ever had days when, no matter how hard you tried, you just could not seem to make yourself understood? Like the man who spoke frantically to someone at the doctor’s office, “My wife is pregnant and her contractions are only two minutes apart!” The voice on the other end replied, “Is this her first child?” Without missing a beat, he shouted, “No! This is her husband!”

Life is that way, isn’t it? Sometimes it seems as though we just can not catch a break. We experience misfortune and are misunderstood. When we are caught in the whirlwind of the events, they are not comical, either. Often, the circumstances are momentous challenges to our faith and faithfulness. Make no mistake about it, in life we will experience some tremendous disappointments and heart-jarring hurts. It is at these times that we are faced with a crucial decision. How will we respond?

Ultimately, we have two choices. We will either choose to get better or to get bitter. The road of bitterness is dark and lonely. The road of betterness, though, is well lit and secure. For it is on this road we meet our Savior and hear His encouraging words, “In the world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” In Christ we are triumphant, indeed! Let’s be of good cheer!!

This reminds me of a Fernando Ortega song:

Take Heart, My Friend

Take heart, my friend, we’ll go together
This uncertain road that lies ahead
Our faithful God has always gone before
And He will lead the way once again

Take heart, my friend, we can walk together
And if our burdens become too great
We can hold up and help one another
In God’s love, in God’s grace

Take heart my friend, the Lord is with us
As He has been all the days of our lives
Our assurance every morning
Our defender in the night

If we should falter when trouble surrounds us
When the wind and the waves are wild and high
We will look away to Him who rules the waters;
Who speaks His peace into the angry tide

He is our comfort, our sustainer
He is our help in time of need
When we wander, He is our Shepherd
He who watches over us never sleeps

Take heart my friend, the Lord is with us
As He has been all the days of our lives
Our assurance every morning
Our defender every night

Take heart my friend, the Lord is with us
As He has been all the days of our lives
Our assurance every morning
Our defender in the night.

© Bill Williams

June 2, 2006

About a fellow sojourner

a sojourner in life, trying to follow in the steps of Jesus.
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4 Responses to Take Heart, My Friends! x

  1. Dee Andrews says:

    I can certainly relate to THIS post. If you read through many of my blog posts you’ll see pretty quickly the past 3 or 4 years have been exceptionally difficult for us, with Katrina being the final blow and still ongoing.

    But thanks be to God for His deliverance of us in our faithfulness. We’ve still got a LONG way to go, but at the moment I take comfort in the calmness about me, even here stuck at home once again for the third extended time in a year.

    God provides. Thank goodness for senses of humor. Thank God. It’s the greatest of help in adversity. Just the best. It has sustained us through much and continues to do so.

  2. Dee Andrews says:

    Bill –

    I just read your “bio” and we probably know a lot of people in common. Very interesting. I grew up in Abernathy, just north of Lubbock and you won’t believe this (I’ve never blogged about it), but my dad was an elder in Abernathy in the early 60s when I was still home and it was through him and one other elder there and Cline Paden (who was in Plainview then) that “Sunset School of Preaching” began!! It actually began in Abernathy with a very small group of Hispanic young men from New Mexico. I know – it’s a long story that I’d be happy to share with you sometime, but my mom out in Abilene has all of the documentation about it because Sunset compiled a book a few years ago (since my dad died) chronicling the history of the school, beginning with the work my dad and others did from Abernathy to get it started with thte Sunset congregation.

    Also, my brother’s wife grew up in the panhandle of Oklahoma where her dad was a teacher and minister (Mack Curry) and my brother-in-law has a lot of family still there, too (who knew the Currys and my sister-in-law). I believe Mr. Curry preached in Hooker, OK among other places. Is that anywhere close to where you lived?

    And, of course, you know, if you’ve read much of my blog, that my son David who lives in Woodbridge, VA, was a graduate of the USNA and officer in the Marine Corps for a number of years (9 active and some active reserve). He had 3 tours of duty and the first two were at Camp Pendleton, with the last being a teaching position at Quantico (he taught Communications to upper level officers just after he returned from the first desert war).

    Did you know Patrick Mead when you were in Rochester? He’s become a big blogging friend and my son David sent Duncan a long email just last week full of advice about going into the Marine Corps and all. Duncan and Patrick have both been down here to Picayune, MS, too, since Katrina and I’m trying to work something out for Patrick to come again to speak for the church here.

    Tom and I just moved up here from Slidell, LA, just south of here, where Tom’s the publisher of the local daily newspaper (and where I began my rather “illustrious” career in ONE of my former lives years ago). We both used to live here and now have come back together to build a home.

    I also have a good blogging friend, David Barnett (his adopted name), who lives just west of Houston who would probably identify with you in a lot of ways. His dad was killed in a car accident in his 20s and then David’s mother abandoned he and his 2 siblings (practically speaking) because she couldn’t care for them and they were adopted by a Christian family in Ft. Worth. He and the others were terribly abused as children, even after being adopted and he has spent the past several years seeking his birth mother, but has not been able to find her.

    David is a wonderful writer who over the course of last spring chronicled his search for information about both his mom and dad and his very difficult life. He SO needs support and uplifting from other Christians. He is in a very happy marriage and his 2 older kids are presently at ACU, with his younger son still in high school. If you have a few moments, or any of your readers, please take the time to check out his blog.

    I’ve been encouraging him to write a book of the story of his life because it is such a compelling story of overcoming the worst of adversities. I told him I would help him all I could to do that.

    What else – oh yeah – where did you “go to church” in Lubbock? My brother lives there and is a member at Broadway. He’s a social worker and teaches a class for those we would call the “unchurched” every Sunday morning that is broadcast on AM radio across the Texas South Plains and has been for years. He’s a pretty neat guy, although I’m afraid I didn’t really appreciate him that much when we were kids (he was a year behind me in school). I DID however appreciate even then that he always kept his mouth shut about everything he knew about that I did and didn’t squeal on me! Thank goodness – or I would have been in hot water ALL the time!

    This is so cool! How on earth did you end up in Delaware of all places? Of course, how on earth did I ever end up in Picayune, Mississippi, I’m always asking mysefl. (I came here years ago from Falls Church, VA, too, which is another interesting story.) Life is so interesting I think, don’t you?!

    And then there’s all the connections I’m continually making through blogging and networking I’m always trying to do here to help everyone I meet along the way all I can . . .

  3. Jennifer says:

    Bitter or Better. I hope that to become better and not bitter, but for me it is a 24/7 ALL THE TIME conscious effort. I don’t know if that is normal or not…normal for someone who has walked my path I mean.

    Another great post? Are you reading my mail? 🙂


  4. Greg England says:

    Good stuff! Great reminders of the really important life issues.

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