Recipe for Revival x

Jesus said that His followers would glorify the Father in Heaven by letting their lights shine. The Holy Spirit instructs us through Paul’s writings that we are children of light. In another place we are taught to shine like stars in the universe. Truly, Christians should have a certain spiritual sparkle about them. Our lives should be glowing with godliness!

Would you agree that it is possible for our spiritual sparkle to become only a dull luster? Can the glow of our godliness become only a flickering remnant of a once roaring flame? How tragic it is when the glow goes away! What is the result? Obviously, a soul that once radiated warmth, drawing many in from the cold, cruel world, is now in need of revival.

Not surprisingly, our Lord has spoken to this issue. Having seen a similar need in the church at Ephesus, Jesus addressed it in Revelation 2:4-5. These verses read, in part, as follows:

You have forsaken your first love. Remember the height from which you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first.

These Christians had lost their spiritual sparkle, to say the least. Jesus simply stated that they had forsaken their first love. He then gave them the recipe for revival. We can follow this recipe, as well.

Revival begins with a REVIEW. Sometimes, the best way to get a fix on where we are is to figure out where we’ve been. The saints at Ephesus had once soared to lofty heights. But they had fallen! Jesus exclaimed to them, “Remember the height from which you have fallen!” Review your life. Can you remember a time when you were more on fire for the Lord than you are today?

Next, revival’s pivotal point: REPENT. Imagine that you are taking a trip. You suddenly realize that for the past thirty minutes you’ve been going the wrong direction. You’re headed south, when you should have been going north. What do you do? You turn around and go the other way! You do whatever you must do to get off of the wrong road and on to the right road. Are you on the right road, spiritually? If not, then repent!

Finally, the oft-neglected ingredient is RENEWAL. Repentance is essential. If, however, we do not make some radical changes once we turn around, it won’t take long for the devil to get us off course again. Jesus’ recipe for revival includes renewal. After telling these folks to repent, He said, “Do the things you did at first!” Repentance must be followed by renewal. Indeed, regaining our spiritual sparkle requires that we experience renewal in our devotion to the Lord!

REVIEW – REPENT – RENEW… These outline our Lord’s recipe for revival. If the fires have grown dim, following this formula will help to revive the glow of godliness in our lives!

© Bill Williams
October 26, 2005

About a fellow sojourner

a sojourner in life, trying to follow in the steps of Jesus.
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